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A lovechild of soul and rock and roll, Samantha Michelle’s music career is all about spreading the spirit of good times and sharing her love of rhythm, blues, instrumentation, lyrics and energy. Known around the world for her sophisticated and groovy sound, steeped in its vintage authenticity, Samantha is called upon to spin tunes for major fashion houses, media publications, industry festivals, art galleries and auction houses, hotels, nightclubs and private events. She’s opened for music legends, including the likes of Mark Ronson, DJ Ruckus, and Bachman Turner Overdrive, and headlined shows with audiences in the thousands.

Her career as a DJ kicked off in 2012, one fateful evening at The Groucho Club in London; this happy accident swiftly transformed into a full-time focus as she soon found herself travelling the world, performing at clubs, festivals, and events, spreading her passion for the music of the 1960s and 70s, and sharing her rich knowledge of music history, ever-honouring her true inner music nerd. She went on to co-host a live show on the award-winning Soho Radio where she played rare records and lost soul treasures, and interviewed contemporary bands and leading figures from the worlds of art, fashion, journalism, and entertainment. 

Samantha recently moved back from the UK to her native side of the pond, her heart’s home – New York City, and has since found herself entrenched in the city’s arts, fashion, and charitable communities, having recently DJ’d for the likes of Christie’s, The Wall Street Journal, Bulgari, Carolina Herrera, Saks Fifth Avenue, Morrison Hotel Gallery, Omar’s Park Avenue, Soho House, New York Magazine’s Vulture Festival, Topping Rose House, Montauk Beach House, Core Club, Artists for Peace and Justice and God’s Love We Deliver. She splits her time between the city, and the globe, as she’s ever on the road and in the air, performing everywhere from the French Riviera to Burning Man and the many magic spots in between. She remains committed to a sound that is definitively upbeat but soulful, as she fuses familiar classics with hidden gems, blending the vintage and the contemporary, moving swiftly between the genres of soul, rhythm and blues, ska, funk, disco, and the bass of it all for her- rock and roll.


Fact Sheet

Eclectic & Upbeat. Samantha collaborates with clients to craft an individualized sound, stamped by her soulful and classic signature. Her sets are inspired by her love for the spirit of the 60s and 70s, the uninhibited ethos and free-flowing energy encapsulated in the era, yet she infuses modern elements, weaving in the music of the heirs to the blues, dashing in a little disco and dropping in hints of early hip hop. Working with her extensive knowledge of music history, whilst forever reading the room, she simultaneously embraces the familiar and treasures the rare as she expertly creates mixes that are accessible, exciting, and ultimately, enlivening.

Client List:

WSJ in Davos, Bulgari, Carolina Herrera, Pure Wow, Mempho Festival 2019, Warner Brothers, Rolling Stone, Hu Hotel in Memphis, Christie’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Galore Magazine, Artists for Peace & Justice, God’s Love We Deliver, Soho House, Lululemon, Good Luck Dry Cleaners, Morrison Hotel Gallery, Sunset Marquis, New York Magazine’s Vulture Festival, Topping Rose House, Solé East, Omar’s Park Avenue, Swarovski, American Express, GQ, Somerset House, The Groucho Club, Glastonbury Festival, The Secret Garden Party Festival, Red Rooster Festival, Marque, Samsung, Open X, NKPR, Quo Vadis, Lights of Soho, Cahoots, Black Dice, Estrella Galicia, Falkenberg & Florence, Brand Revolution, The Scotch of St James, Soho Radio, Beach Blanket Babylon, Century Soho, Pretty Green, Windsor Arms Hotel, Old Street Records, Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club, Wringer & Mangle, The Holy Birds, The Sun & 13 Cantons

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Instagram: @samanthamichelle.x

Soundcloud: Samantha Michelle

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