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Eclectic. Sensory-driven. Genre Bending. DARLING CHUCK is a DJ and musical savant who’s elevated New York City nightlife and has positioned herself as one of the most sought after room shakers in the city. Whether it’s playing at the most respected downtown clubs; setting the stage for drag queens during Pride; or providing soundscapes for fashion retail activations or tech festivals, DC has established herself as a cultural mainstay in her city and beyond, playing events along both coasts from Los Angeles to Seattle, Boston to Miami as well as Manila and Tokyo.

A truly skilled open format DJ of 8 years, DC has had the privilege of sharing the stage with notable acts such as Teedra Moses, Sango, VanJess, and Lion Babe, filling rooms with her rare blends of House, R&B, Indie, Electro, Disco and Hip-Hop. Her addictive BAE VIBEZ mix series is an assortment of melodies and feels to tune in and zone out to, highlighting her impeccable musical taste, sharp wit and technical prowess behind the turntables. Through her consistently sold out Brooklyn residency FOMO Party and her unique background in fashion, film and dance, DC has amassed a diverse community of artists and creators, providing a space for locals to let loose and shift their attention towards what we miss out on the most: being in the moment.

No matter the situation, DARLINGCHUCK is always prepared to take you on a journey.

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