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In addition to our first-class venues + talent The Kagency
 takes clients to the next level with event-related media buying, consulting, key strategic alliances, The Kagency Buzz newsletter, social media marketing, and synergistic relationships with real estate partners, media outlets, and vendors with disruptive new technologies. We also assist on a project basis in systems development, sales strategy + training, and targeted outreach
+ sponsorship acquisition.

Equity Commonwealth (EQC)

Based in Chicago, IL., EQC is one of the largest real estate investment trusts in the United States. Together with EQC, The Kagency now represents an expanding roster of EQC properties across the country for promotional branding activities. From the East Coast to the West Coast to the Third Coast, these prime locations are ideally suited for pop-ups, public space activations, promotional sampling, and out of home media buys, just to name a few. Venues can be targeted to engage key demographics, including Millennials, as well as deliver high-foot traffic and captive tenant audiences.


Through our collaboration with NBC4NY, The Kagency offers clients access to creative, branded content across the network’s media vehicles. Now for the first time, brands can have seamless integration with the stories and talent from Firstlook, Talkstoop, Openhouse, George To The Rescue, and New York Live. The event experience you work so hard to perfect can now be amplified and shared across multiple platforms to targeted demographics.

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