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Multilingual Interpreter + Translator 
Patricio Ferrari, Ph.D.
Fluency: English, Spanish, Italian, French + Portuguese

Born to Piemontesi and Calabresi immigrants who settled in Buenos Aires at the turn of the 20th century, Patricio Ferrari came to the United States at the age of 16, and since then has lived in India, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, England, and Sweden. His work as a writer, editor, translator, and interpreter bridges a life between languages.

In 2005, he received a Masters Degree in Comparative Literature at the Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris III) and in 2012, a Ph.D. in Portuguese Linguistics from the University of Lisbon with a dissertation on the trilingual poetry of Fernando Pessoa. He co-authored two bi-lingual books on Pessoa in Portuguese and English, edited two journals on Pessoa both in English, and published eight editions of Pessoa's works in Portuguese, English and French. In 2017, he will complete an MFA in poetry at Brown University, where he is currently teaching creative writing, with a focus on multilingualism and endangered languages and literature.

Patricio speaks and writes fluently in English, Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese. He translates and 
interprets to and from these five languages. A charismatic and expressive personality, he is drawn to creative projects, relating to language, lifestyle, and European culture.

With a professional chef and restaurant-owner father, who specialized in Italian, French and Argentine cuisine, Patricio is no stranger to the culinary arts and is especially adept at translations and live interpretations. Also a wine enthusiast, Patricio hosts private tastings on various varietals and creatively infuses the history of the regions with charming and entertaining anecdotes, literary references, and poetry.

Patricio has an on-going collaboration with the Endangered Language Alliance (ELA) in New York City, an independent non-profit organization focused on the immense linguistic diversity of urban areas. He frequently translates and interprets up to five languages at a time. Other clients include De Cecco (New York), On-line Interpreters Inc. (Chicago), École International Tunon (Paris), among numerous academic and personal projects.

View Patricio Ferrari's academic profile and credentials here.
Rates available upon request, dependent on scope of work and number of languages spoken during event.