M&M’s transformed 201 Mulberry into an immersive pop-up experience for consumers this past week to give them the opportunity to vote for which new flavor they like best. “The event itself is because our fans at M&M’s love to be part of how we create a flavor,” said Tanya Berman, VP of Mars Chocolate. “We get ideas all the time from them, whether it’s on social [or] online, people even write to us because they love the variety and the flavor.”

Three new flavors were launched at the pop-up, each with its own Instagram-worthy room to showcase the flavor, smell and feel of the new M&M. The crunchy raspberry room was piled high with hot pink bean bags, while the crunchy mint room had a play pen and the crunchy espresso had an oversized espresso machine.

The pop-up didn’t stop at visuals as each room had a wafting smell of the flavors. Additionally, there were specialty cocktails lined with M&M’s, as well as snacks inspired by the three new flavors such as a mini crunchy raspberry-inspired grilled cheese and a crunchy mint ice-cream sandwich.

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