Jose Cuervo

“Step up to the mic and channel your inner Rock Star.” Jose Cuervo, in coordination with The Rolling Stones, invite you to re-live the band’s famed1972 tour when they were, as described by Keith Richards himself, “a pirate nation” fueled by Tequila Sunrises, ahem, among other things… The Karaoke event at The Garage was the first in a series that will take place this year, claiming the hashtag, #cuervosunrisetour. Party goers, celebrities and influencers alike enjoyed singing some of The Rolling Stones greatest hits, among other artists, all under the spell of the disco ball. Any courage needed, was amply provided by Jose Cuervo. The VIP Karaoke experience was expertly produced by our friends at Team Epiphany, who clearly know how to party.

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